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Best iPhone Book Ever Now in Stores

Illustration for article titled Best iPhone Book Ever Now in Stores

See that smiling doofus? He's smiling because he found out that his book How to Do Everything with Your iPhone, also known as the Best iPhone Book Ever, is now on store shelves. Yes, you can schlep down to your local Barnes & Nobles, Borders or Johnny's Books'n'Feed and pick one up for yourself, your parents, your kids, your relatives, your friends, your coworkers and yourself. Mostly for yourself. Best of all, if you ever see that doofus around (say, at CES), you can stop him and tell him that you have his book. He'll be so excited. [Amazon]


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Unless I'm mistaken, certain copies of the book have already been pantsed. Pretty sure I saw the photographic evidence. The only way you can tell the pantsed copies from the non-pantsed is, um, not well known, I'm guessing.