Best Windows Error Ever May Rip Time-Space Continuum, Destroy Reality

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Click to viewIn what computer analysts and physicists all over the world have classified as "a clear and present danger to the survivability of the Human Race and the Universe as we know it," LA area-man and Gizmodo reader Kevin Barbee reports that his Windows Vista Problem Reporting has reported that it has stopped reporting. White House's security advisor for Weapons of Mass Destruction Tom Lennox pointed that government experts are now scrambling to understand how this doomsday device, what they call the Krazawski-Gothenberg-Travolta Paradox, arrived to Kevin's computer:

"We don't really know if this was planted by some Trojan virus introduced in the Intarweb tubes by an alien race. Or maybe it was that guy from Burkburnett, TX. That's a weird dude. He lives with his "mom," but whatever, we think he may be a secret alien agent. Her mom too. Actually, I think they are all aliens there," Lennox said while pointing to a map of Texas with drawings of three-eyed beings done with fluorescent green marker.


Adding to the inter-dimensional conundrum, the paradoxical rogue dialog box informed the Vista user that it will report later with the solution to the reporting stopping reporting. "We only can say one thing to Mr. Barbee" he added at the end of his emergency press conference in Washington earlier this morning: "for all that is Good and Sacred, don't touch the OK button!" [Thanks for the screenshot Kevin]

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Whoever writes the error messages must have a spare jar of bong water to suck on in the cubicle.