Bestselling YA author brings us the world after an alien invasion

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With Falling Skies still doing well in the ratings, is a post-alien invasion world going to become our new favorite post-apocalyptic scenario? Let's hope so, since it's our best hope of getting a Tripods movie.

One hopeful sign: Margaret Stohl (co-author of the bestselling young-adult series Beautiful Creatures) just sold a post-alien-invasion book series called Icons to Little Brown, with the first book coming out in Spring 2013. Says Publishers Weekly:

The YA science fiction series, which is set 16 years after an alien invasion, follows a group of teenagers who become swept up in a resistance movement looking to unseat the extraterrestrials who've taken control of the planet.

Kind of excited to see a world 16 years after an invasion, instead of just a few months or a year. Here's hoping there's a convincing reason why the resistance still exists after that long.