Beware: Anthem Hack Victims Are Getting Bombarded by Phishing Scams

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Just a few days ago, Anthem, the second-largest health insurer in the country, revealed that it had been the victim of a massive security breach, potentially exposing the highly sensitive data of up to 80 million customers. And things just got worse. Now, both current and former customers are being hit with phishing emails designed to look like they came from Anthem itself.

According to a release posted by Anthem, the emails come under the guise of Anthem attempting to make amends with a credit monitoring service. Which, to the scammers credit, is actually something companies will often do in the wake of a hack of this magnitude. And while Anthem is indeed offering free protection services to its affected customers, it is apparently not conducting any of its business over email or the phone (thank god), saying in the press release:

Anthem will contact current and former members via mail delivered by the U.S. Postal Service about the cyber attack with specific information on how to enroll in credit monitoring. Affected members will receive free credit monitoring and ID protection services.


So if you've ever been enrolled in Anthem health insurance (which is a lot of you), and you get an email purporting to be from Anthem asking for any sort of personal information—it's almost definitely not from Anthem. [Anthem via NBC]

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HA!! The joke's on them. I've been getting inundated with phishing scams way before this most recent hack. I've been the target of more Nigerians than Boko Haram.