Bic Is Trying To Make a Font Based on All the World's Handwriting

In yet another crushing blow to Comic Sans, pen-maker Bic is currently soliciting handwriting samples from anyone on Earth who wants to participate in its Universal Typeface Experiment. The goal is to create a universal font that will presumably supplant Comic Sans as the go-to typeface for amateur designers making birthday cards, lunch room signage, or business cards for toddlers.

If you want to submit your own chicken scratch, you can head over to the website and join the 8,000+ people who've already contributed to the project.


And since trying to write legibly using a mouse or a trackpad is all but impossible, if you're lacking a Wacom tablet you can actually connect the site to your mobile device allowing you to write out the characters with a stylus or simply your finger on its touchscreen. [Universal Typeface Experiment via PR Daily via Alyshia Kisor Madlem (Twitter)]

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