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Aimed towards photographers for construction sites, UFC Fights and snuff films, this BigJob HD-3W camera features a large lens that's protected by some kind of cushioning all around. Making up for the lost aerodynamics in ruggedness, the FujiFilm BigJob is waterproof, dust-resistant, and can take drops of up to 27 inches, or a little more than two feet. Great if you're a toddler.

The camera also has a 6-megapixel sensor, can record 30FPS VGA video, a 3x optical zoom, ISO 1600 support, 23MB of internal memory and takes xD format cards. No availability info, but the functionality seems pretty good for such a Fisher Price/Nerf-like camera design.


BIGJOB HD-3W, the rugged camera! [Akihabara News via Uber Gizmo]