Bikinis Made from 3D-Printers Are Custom Fit for Each Woman's Curve

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This bikini, called the N12, is the world's first 3D-printed bikini. It's a sexy design that uses small discs held together by springs. The cool thing is that the designerss want to use women's body scans to create perfect fitting bikinis.

Designed by Jenna Fizel and Mary Haung of Continuum Fashion, it's the first 3D-printed, ready-to-wear item of clothing for sale. There's actually a lot of technical thought put into this bikini, Huang says:

"Thousands of circular plates are connected by thin springs, creating a wholly new material that holds its form as well as being flexible. The layout of the circle pattern was achieved through custom written code that lays out the circles according to the curvature of the surface. In this way, the aesthetic design is completely derived from the structural design."


The idea of the circle pattern design is to adapt to curves and flat surfaces of any size. It's not fully personalized yet but ideally, the algorithm used to develop the bikini can be tweaked to make a 3D bikini that fits each woman perfectly. What a wonderful idea. [Dezeen]