Bill Gates Oozes Cool, Chip Fat

We just spotted a series featuring technology superstars on CBS's 60 Minutes show. The interviews may not be new, but the show teasers are awesome. The best of the bunch is by far the interview with Bill Gates, whose usually modest demeanor is thrown out the window. Check it out after the jump:

He eats fries the whole way through, he tells about how he knew he was smart, he appears baffled by the concept of loose change and he completely owns the burger joint, (you just know that that is his regular seat.) I'm going to be brave and put it out there: Gates is cool. Damn cool. If you disagree, we think he'll have you shot. Don Gates, you have our friendship. Be sure to check out the entire series, with Larry Ellison, Steve-o and Jeff Bezos all making appearances, you'd be a dithering fool to miss it. Hit up the link for other encounters with technology's A-list. [Yahoo]



I spoke to a guy who interviewed Bill Gates in South Africa, apparently he was acting like such a tool while the camera was off... "Don't you know who I am, I'm Bill Gates..". Who cares!