Bill Nye scientifically explains how Superman shaves

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It's a question long been pondered by nerds the world over. If Superman's hair is as super-strong as the rest of him (and it is, a single hair can hold up a 1-ton weight ), how does he manage to shave! io9 is happy to exclusively present Bill Nye, The Science Guy's theory!

I have to give Gillette credit for this whole campaign. Upon seeing that Superman starts out with a beard in the upcoming Man of Steel and then gets clean-shaven — a mysterious process that many have wondered about before — they call together a number of experts to give their own theories, including the Adam and Jamie of Mythbusters, The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik, professional nerd Kevin Smith, and obviously Nye. The other three videos will be featured at, which was no doubt a very different site before Gillette got ahold of it.

Nye's theory involves grinding, which I'm pretty sure means Sups has to take a power-sander to his face every morning. Still, that's at least as reasonable as a kryptonite-tipped razor.