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Periscope, a live video streaming app for the more narcissistic Twitter users among us, is a dismal place. This fact is less obvious if you stumble across a video or two in your Twitter feed, but binge-watching it on Apple TV like some post-apocalyptic punishment. Wired’s Jason Tanz did just that.

While testing new Periscope app for Apple TV, Tanz spent hours gazing into the semi-private lives of total strangers. It sounds traumatic. Here’s one brief run-in out of many bizarre stories:

Newly energized, I hit the “Next” button, ready to receive another feed. Up popped a hefty gentleman in a track suit, looking a little like Big Pussy Bonpensiero crossed with Rodney Dangerfield. I apparently joined his broadcast at the end of an anecdote, the conclusion of which was: “Like I always say, you wanna buy a gun you gotta go to animal court.” He waggled an enormous hash pipe in front of the camera.


So maybe don’t binge-watch Periscope. Do read the rest of Tanz’s harrowing experience at Wired. Evidently researching this story almost killed him.


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