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Bionic Legs Help Miracle Crash Survivor Walk Again

Illustration for article titled Bionic Legs Help Miracle Crash Survivor Walk Again

An eggcup-like device with bionic legs attached to it has been developed by doctors for a man who was chopped in half by a truck in 1995. The accident left Peng Shulin bedridden for over a decade, but thanks to doctors at the China Rehabilitation Research Center in Beijing, the 2'6" fighter is back on his feet again.


Twenty medics battled to save Mr Peng's life after the smash, grafting skin from his face onto his torso. Despite his miraculous recovery, however, the amputee was left bedridden - until late last year, when Mr Peng started to work on his upper body strength in order to carry out simple tasks such as washing his face and cleaning his teeth.

In order to get him up and about, the eggheads at the China Rehabilitation Research Center in Beijing came up with the idea of the cup-shaped trunk and attached legs. And, with the aid of a resized walking frame and his new Adidas trainers, Mr Peng is learning how to walk again.[Metro]


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@Aquaosx & Windhawk

Don't forget where this guy lives.

In large part this guy's prosthetics have to match the environment and resources of the providers/carers. Whilst there is obviously a lot going on here, my guess is that most issues can be fixed with a spanner and screwdriver. Further, this kit will not need flat surfaces on which to work and the upkeep costs will likely be negligable.

I applaud this guy and his spirit but also those who have used ingenuity to make this possible. For the cost of one electric cart, this technology can make many, many people mobile.

Which is the better choice?

One man bedridden because his Segway no longer works or a dozen men tottering about and making a life with their wheeled eggcups?