Bitching About Too Much iPhone Coverage? Listen Up.

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We've been writing a lot about the iPhone. That's because it's a huge launch, the biggest new gadget of the past few years, and people are interested in it. It's also because tech companies don't want their announcements to get buried by the iPhone avalanche, so they're holding off 'til it dies down. I know you people love to call us fanboys, but we don't make up product announcements. We report on stuff that happens, and not much is happening other than iPhone stuff at the moment. So if you aren't interested in reading about the iPhone, you can turn off iPhone coverage, skim over it, or go outside. Just don't waste our time with your asinine whining in our comments, OK? Everyone appreciates it.



@Not An Apple Fan Boy!:

You said "wouldn't it be smarter business wise to ask for patience and understanding and to share the community space with those who may be excited about new technology?"

Gizmodo posted, many times, how to turn off the iPhone coverage. They did so politely and offered something that other blogs didn't for their readers that were not interested in iPhone coverage. Rather than take advantage of a feed set up just for them, many of these people opted to continue reading the posts that they so loathed and decided to poison the well, so to speak, for those who were genuinely interested in discussing those posts.

I, for one, couldn't care less what new color the Zune is bringing out to try to scare up sales. I also don't care about most cell phone news. So I scroll past them. Really not hard.

Now, keep in mind that Adam Frucci is a real, live human person. He is not "Gizmodo." Why don't we take this post as an editorial, just like the opinion columns that mainstream newspapers have every day. As an editor at Gizmodo, Adam is well within his rights to editorialize and air his opinion, just like all of us. The only difference is, he can put his on the main page.