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BlackBerry: $20, McCain-Palin's Contacts: Priceless

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In order to get back some of the money spent on the McCain-Palin campaign, items from the campaign were sold today at a yard sale, including a $20 BlackBerry, fully loaded with confidential information.

When reporters from Fox 5 stopped by the McCain-Palin headquarters today, they were excited to find BlackBerry phones being sold for $20 each. Because the phones came with dead batteries and no chargers, it was only after the reporters had returned to their office and had charged the phones when they realized what $20 actually bought them.

Hundreds of e-mails from early September through early November, and more than 50 phone numbers—including private cell phone numbers belonging to politicians, campaign leaders and journalists—had been left on one of the BlackBerry phones. Whoops! Not to worry though—after the McCain-Palin campaign had been notified, they assured everyone that procedures were being carried out to fix the situation. [MyFox]