BlackBerry 9000 To Offer 3G-Less "Niagara"

Illustration for article titled BlackBerry 9000 To Offer 3G-Less Niagara

While most of us are addicted to high speed data, The Boy Genius Report is saying that the awaited AT&T exclusive BlackBerry 9000 will come in a version without 3G called the "Niagara." So what's the point, beyond watching geeks grab their testicles in sympathy pain? The Niagara will probably drive down the price of the 9000 for BlackBerry enthusiasts who are just looking for a newer phone to push their email. Also, we're wondering if the completely different back case may be a bit thinner in the pocket (or holster...sigh). [TheBoyGeniusReport]


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Seriously is this the iPhone killer everyone is talking about? Or is there another 9000 series with a full screen face?