BlackBerry Pearl Flip Out This Month for $150, Still Hideous

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The latest on RIM's blocky clamshell monstrosity, the BlackBerry Pearl Flip, is that it'll be out by the end of this month at the latest, and maybe as early as Oct. 15. Apparently, RIM will not be making a steroid-supercharged play for the masses as previously rumored. No, on T-Mobile, it'll be $150 with a two-year contract, or $200 with a one-year contract, not the perhaps delusionally low $49 originally floated. Which is unfortunate, 'cause not only is $99—$129 tops—a sweet spot, I just don't see anyone paying that much for a phone this awkward, even if it is a full-fledged BlackBerry. [CrackBerry]



You are aware that the vast majority of BlackBerry devices are sold to businesses who then dole them out to their employees, correct? This could be the ugliest thing to be created since the original iBook, and it would still sell well since businesses need a flip BlackBerry to offer their staff. It can be as expensive as an Super Premium Diamond-Crusted Xbox 360, and businesses will buy it because it is corporate dollars we are talking about.

That said, your review is dead-on for the person who is buying this for their personal use, sans BES. But, those people already bought an iPhone.