Nothing says business like a BlackBerry. Except, obviously, a swanky PowerPoint Presentation. Ok, let me try this again: Nothing says biz-ness like the BlackBerry Powerpoint Presenter, which lets you conduct PowerPoint presentations from your BlackBerry, without a computer.

The BlackBerry PowerPoint presenter is a gadget with a singular focus: it stores up to 100 slides of PowerPoint presentation, which it can display through any projector or TV that can connect to a VGA or S-Video source, and which operates without the need for a PC running PowerPoint; nearly any BlackBerry handset can serve as a remote. Release date hasn't been solidified yet, nor has pricing but hey, totally just expense that shit, brah! Right. More details forthcoming later today. UPDATE: It'll cost $200, later this year. Youch. [BlackBerry]


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