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BlackBerry Stops a Bullet and Saves a Relationship

Illustration for article titled BlackBerry Stops a Bullet and Saves a Relationship

Click to viewAnthony Holtvogt was careless enough to accidentally fire his gun in a restaurant, but thankfully his girlfriend must've bought her BlackBerry from Superman. It's the only explanation I've got for the fact that the phone stopped a bullet.


Ok, so maybe it was simply a matter of the BlackBerry being in just the right spot and the bullet hitting it in just the right way. And it's entirely possible that Anthony got dumped after accidentally shooting his own girlfriend.

I just like to think that it really was Superman's BlackBerry and that it really did save a relationship. [WDTN via GottaBeMobileThanks, Matthew!]

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It's illegal to carry a gun in an area with a liquor permit? News to me, though it does make sense. However a 3rd degree felony seems a bit extreme if this weren't the scenario.