BlackBerry Storm Priced at $200, Delay Caused by Software

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According to the deep throats at Verizon, we will have to wait a little bit longer to buy the BlackBerry Storm. The original November 14 launch date has been delayed as we'd heard because of a "software glitch." It also looks like it's now headed on direct collision course against the iPhone, specially for businesses: "The price may be lower then $99.99 for companies," with a 2 year contract. Seems like Research In Motion and Verizon are feeling the heat as the iPhone keeps pushing up in the enterprise. But how much would it be for the rest of us and what is the "final" release date?

It will be available for $199.99 with a two year contract. For companies the price may be lower then $99.99 also with a 2 year contract.


So there you have it. The Storm is arriving at the end of the month, but I can already smell the napalm in the air. [Thanks tipsters]



Dear Verizon, I hope you realize the only reason there is hype around the phone is because we're either tied into our contracts or for some odd reason need to be with you guys. None the less, how many people left Verizon to get an iPhone? Alot. How many people will leave AT&T to get a Storm? Probably not that many. None the less keep up the good work, it's not a glitch people, they are busy crippling the Storm to block something, apparently the accelerometer will be disabled unless you subscribe to VZ-Navigator for 12 months :) Cheers.