Bladez Corners The Market For Flying, Disembodied Terminator Helicopter Heads

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Attention manufacturers: don't even think about flying, R/C Terminator helicopter heads. Bladez has already cornered the market for this hot item.


•Combat Function – Terminator V Resistance Battles
•Hit opponent 3 times to disarm the enemy
•Terminator branded helicopter, handset and packaging
•Realistic battle sound effects
•Coaxial structure enabling steady flight
•10 meter range, 8 mins (approx) flight time
•High spec lipo battery Li-Po 3.7V 100mAh
•Crash friendly blades fold on impact
•Tri-band switch allow 3 helicopters to fly together
•Precision digital proportional control
•Sticker set to personalize resistance and Terminator helicopter and handset.
•Infra red


So why flying Terminator heads? Perhaps someone at Bladez had a bad dream. Perhaps this was one of the concepts voted too absurd even for the filmmakers behind Terminator Salvation. Whatever the reason, it does exist—and it can be yours for about $50. [Bladez via Likecool via OhGizmo]