Blasting a GoPro Out of a Cannon at 84 MPH Is Easier Than Piloting a Drone

After successfully launching a GoPro through the air using a bow and arrow, YouTube’s Sam and Niko have taken that experiment to new heights, and new speeds, by instead blasting the tiny action camera out of a compressed air cannon.


The filmmakers managed to send the GoPro soaring to heights of 240 feet, and distances of 440 feet at speeds of up to 84 miles per hour before the action camera reached the limits of extreme capabilities. Although it died after a rough landing, it captured some spectacular aerial footage without the need for an expensive and finicky drone.

[YouTube via Digitalrev]

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500 Days of Kitten Calamari

If only we could have gotten it to go another 4 mph we could have sent it back in time with a warning about the upcoming Trumpocalypse. Oh well, back to the drawing board.