Bleeding Zombie Target Dummies: Essential Apocalypse Preparedness

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Shooting paper targets will improve your aim, but they don't quite capture the experience of emptying a shotgun into a zombie's chest. Not like these lifelike—or should I say undeadlike—zombie targets that bleed like real flesh.

It's a little gruesome, I'll admit that, but no one said the apocalypse was going to be a picnic. Each Chris Zombie, as this torso is called, is made from a biodegradable human flesh analog that bleeds and disintegrates like the real thing. So you don't have to worry about collecting all the little bits that fly off.


Each zombie is hand painted to resemble authentic infected human flesh, so you might actually feel bad about blasting away the $90 work of art you just bought. But remember, it's for the greater good. And for $105, Zombie Industries will even include a couple of exploding targets that detonate when hit, ensuring this particular threat is dead for good when you're done. [Zombie Industries via ThisIsWhyImBroke]