Blockbuster/Netflix Blood Rivalry Gets Bloodier: Blockbuster Buys Movielink

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Blockbuster's acquisition of Movielink makes it a bit late to the IP VOD party, but we get the feeling the goal isn't so much to break new ground as it is to plant their feet more firmly in their showdown-to-the-death with Netflix.


In the deal, Blockbuster also picked up the rights to show flicks owned by Movielink's now-former owners, which include Warner Bros., MGM, and Paramount, giving it something of a leg up on Netflix's service, which has a slightly limited selection.


The war's only going to get uglier until it gets better, and by better, we mean when Netflix rolls out that set-top box we've been drooling over for God knows how long. [NYT]

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Blockbuster is going to lose. The only way that I could see them surviving is if they had a different model for their brick n mortar stores. Something like the ability to copy a movie to a memory card that is DRM'd for the rental period, and after its up, poof. Then they wouldn't have to rely on all their DVD's being checked out on release day and half the people walking in that week and following weekend leaving empty handed and annoyed that they took the time to drive to the damn store. Since video on demand is dependent on having broadband, it makes it not very friendly for car trips, people unwilling to pay $20 a night for internet access at hotels, and people that are unable to find wi-fi to steal.