Bloomberg: A Retina iPad Mini and a Thinner iPad Are Coming

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Bloomberg is reporting that a retina iPad Mini and a thinner iPad are both set to release later this year. That would confirm previous reports about how the full-sized, big boy iPad was getting the iPad Mini design treatment with a narrower bezel and a thinner body and that the iPad Mini would finally get a Retina display.

Bloomberg cites the last three months of the year as the target release date for the retina iPad Mini and thinner iPad (that would be October, November and December). When reports about upcoming Apple products from reputable outlets like Bloomberg start to corroborate with other reports about Apple from other reputable outlets like the WSJ, well, patterns start to emerge and a glimmer of truth can maybe, possibly be seen through the trash pile known as the Apple rumor mill.


Things can change, obviously, but as of right now, it's looking like the next iPad will look like the iPad Mini and the next iPad Mini will finally have a display quality similar to the retina iPad. Big brother looks like little brother, little brother looks like big brother.

Bloomberg also reported that the next iPhone will be announced at a September 10th event, something we've also heard before. [Bloomberg]


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The full size iPad is going to look beautiful! I have always preferred the iPad Mini's design over than of the regular iPad's. But I think I'm going to get the Retina Mini instead. The Mini is just an awesome device.