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Microsoft's new Surface tablet looks like it could give the iPad stiff competition—but according to Bloomberg it won't be matching Apple's offering on every front. Their sources suggest that, initially at least, the Surface will only feature Wi-Fi, and no option for a mobile data connection.


According to sources "familiar with the matter", Microsoft only intends to include Wi-Fi connectivity when Surface is launched.


Maybe that's fine. After all, Wi-Fi-only tablets account for the majority of the market share right now, with most tablets being used primarily in the home—so if Bloomberg is correct, it probably wouldn't really harm Microsoft too much. It would also allow Microsoft to keeps costs low which, in turn, should mean it can pass some of those savings to the consumer.

But Surface's biggest selling point—its keyboard—squarely targets the tablet at people who need a light, portable device that can still deliver functionality on the move. That kind of use could no doubt be added to immeasurably with the inclusion of an LTE connection.

If the rumor is true, it's likely that Microsoft could follow up the initial launch model with an LTE-toting stablemate shortly afterwards. Let's wait and see. [Bloomberg]


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