Money may not buy happiness but it can certainly get you the next best thing—a bed fit for royalty. But to lounge in this lap of luxury, you'll first have to pay a king's ransom.

The Royal Bed by British mattress maker Savoir Beds is the epitome of grandiose design. Made from curled Latin American horse tail, filled with Mongolian cashmere, and covered in 1,600 miles of woven silk—enough to stretch from New York to Miami and nearly back again—each bed demands more than 700 hours of labor to create. What's more, each bed is made to the client's precise specifications, down to the preferred relative firmness of each side. In addition, Savoir Beds is working with the Royal School of Needlework on behalf of buyers looking to personalize their exorbitant purchase with a family crest.


"Of course it's a massive amount of money and it will only appeal to the very lucky and very wealthy," Alistair Hughes managing director of Savoir Beds, told CNBC. "If you're buying Gucci handbags, a suit from Saville Row or a Rolls Royce, you're looking for the best. And you spend a third of your life in bed."

To be fair, each bed frame, mattress, and box spring is guaranteed for 25 years, far longer than the 7-9 years commoners typically hold onto theirs, though the mattress topper will need to be replaced every half decade for $5,000 to $10,000 apiece. The first Royal Bed will go on display at Kensington Palace in London this Thursday with a total production run of just 60 units.

And if $175,000 is just too much for your checking account to support, Savoir Beds has a far more affordable selection of mattresses in the $70,000 range as well. [CNBC via MSN - Image: Savoir Beds]