Blu-ray Conference = Kicking Ass, Putting People to Sleep

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Today at IFA press day, the BDA gave a presentation running through the status of operations along with studio bigshots from Disney, Warner Bros and Fox. Here's the rundown on what they said:

- Hitachi will be making a major Blu-ray announcement tomorrow
- Acer is now a member of BDA
- China's HuaLu Group has joined BDA (major disc manufacturer)


Butt Kickings
- Blu-ray holds 90% market share in Japan for both movies and hardware
- In US Blu-ray has 63% standalone unit market share and over 66% of hi-def disc sales
- 70% of hi-def sales in Europe are Blu-ray with 3:1 ratio over HD DVD

Other Notables
- Sleeping Beauty will be Disney's first "platinum" (classic) movie on Blu-ray.
- Warner Home Entertainment will release as many titles in Q4 of 07 as Q1-Q3 combined. Including Kubrick.
- Spiderman 3 will be released on Blu-ray. I know! Also, Vaio owners who register online will get a free copy.


Mark Wilson

@wjousts: No, it's a problem that should have never existed due to the lie that was DVD.