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Blu-ray Now Cracked, and That Makes Two

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Movie studios, start your attorneys, because muslix64, the guy who cracked HD DVD with his BackupHDDVD utility has done it again. His next Pandora's box is called BackupBluray. It's not perfect yet, because the first iteration can only crack backup Blu-ray discs whose CPS unit key is known, but sources say full decryption will be added soon.

Of course, all of this unraveling of Blu-ray and HD DVD's bulletproof security is for backup purposes only. Certainly those who have bought these discs should be allowed to store away a backup for safekeeping, you know, in case the disc gets scratched? But we thought these encryption schemes were impossible to crack. Perhaps "impossible" is a relative term.


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