Blu:Sens' G14 took the Wi-Fi capabilities of the Zune and the Archos 604, added Bluetooth A2DP capabilities, and left the DRM in the gutter. Unlike the Zune, the G14 is expected to be able to share wirelessly with other media players, as well as your PC. Likely by windows file sharing. Good news aside, the G14 is only available in 1GB or 2GB models and has a measly 2" screen, an entire inch smaller than the Zune's. The G14 may support Mpeg4 and WMA video playerback, but with such small capacities what's the point? If Blu:Sens increased both the screen size and storage it might be worth the trip to Spain to pick one up. Until then, I've gotta pass.

Blu:Sens G14 [Musicgizmos]