Blue LED Cross, Cross 2.0

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The cross may be a symbol of ultimate devotion to countless Christians around the world, but let's be honest, the design hasn't seen an update in like 2000 years. And people are hard on Apple products! That's why here at the Gizmodo chapel (of love), we're really incredibly excited about the Blue LED Cross.


See, while a normal cross says, "I'm a faithful Christian," this newer (wayz betterz) cross can say something like, "I'm a faithful Christian, 'cause I love to sin." Well, that's only if the messages can scroll. You might just have to settle for "chaste-ish." Additional updates include plenty of rhinestone bling, some of which even glow.

While we're not the types to practice regularly, we're fairly certain that wearing the Blue LED Cross to church next Sunday will require plenty of faith in your fellow man. Import your cross for $38, a pittance for the long lasting salvation of LED technology. [product via redferret]


I feel LED to the Lord.