Blumhouse Announces It's Going to Make Indie Horror Games, Too

Discontent to just rule the indie scary movie scene, the popular production company will expand its scope.

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M3Gan, Get Out, The Conjuring movies, the Paranormal Activity franchise, so much more—Blumhouse Productions has proven itself a master of creating incredibly popular, while still comparatively low-budget, horror stories on the silver screen. Now the entertainment company has decided to see if it can do the same thing on your PCs, TVs, and mobile phones with the creation of Blumhouse Games.

The plan is to do the same thing for video games as it’s been doing with movies for more than 20 years: Be cheap, but be scary and good. From the press release: “Blumhouse Games will partner with independent game developers to bring their creative vision to life via original, horror-themed games for console, PC, and mobile audiences. In the spirit of its film business, Blumhouse Games will target indie-budget games (below $10M) to enable innovation and pushing creative boundaries.”

The “original” part is interesting, because it implies that Blumhouse Games’ games won’t be based on its many popular movie franchises, but instead utilize the same creativity the production side has brought to films by focusing on new ideas instead of remakes. But I do think “original” could also encompass games based on Blumhouse’s “original” movies, if not immediately then eventually. I mean, a Dance Dance Revolution-style rhythm game starring M3gan would be a license to print money.


There aren’t really any other details as of yet, but stay tuned.

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