Bond-Style Yacht, Vintage Speakers, Courtyard Gondola, and More

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Relax at the end of your long work week and take a moment to check out these lovely things. From a versatile fan-like wall shelf, to a yacht meant for a super villain, these are the most beautiful items of the week.

Delightful Vintage Speakers Resurrected for Your Music Player

If you walk into any thrift store from coast-to-coast and wander over to the electronics section, you're likely to find an old bedside radio castaway amongst the discarded tube televisions, and 100-disc CD changers. This German company's taking those vintage audio electronics and turning them into gorgeous speakers for your smartphone. More


Can a Single Lamp Improve Your Physical Well Being?

Those who study sleep believe that our encounters with light affect the way our body works. For example, too much exposure to artificial light can affect the release of melatonin, which helps us through our nightly sleep cycles. More

Once Upon a Time, Someone Found a Way to Make Sitting Down Even Easier

The amount of readily available information on Architect/Designer/Artist Robert Whitton's chair design is sparse. But that's fine because the one thing we do know about the 1989 design also happens to be the coolest feature: a roller is affixed to the front of the chair to help you ease into it. More


The Infinitely Arrangeable Wall Shelf

An accordion, staircase, or paper fan-this shelf can be arranged in many different configurations to make it resemble anything you want it to. It's so versatile, it becomes as much a decorative piece, as a functional one. More


All James Bond Supervillains Should Be Legally Obligated to Use This Boat

In terms of novel features or overall concept, there's nothing out of the norm about Art of Kintetik's 37-foot-long Antagonist boat. But the dark-hued woods and intimidating lines carry an aura of evil that makes you want to go out and do wrong after looking at the thing. More


These McDonald's Coffee Cups Probably Look Better Than Your Mugs at Home

Having helped the fast food giant improve its image in Europe by revamping the interior design of its restaurants, Patrick Norguet was once again hired by McDonald's to create a more eco-friendly alternative to its disposable coffee cups. More


Bet Your Courtyard Doesn't Have Its Own Gondola

Who needs Venice when you have a gondola in your courtyard? This modern concrete home in Bangladesh has a serene lagoon in the atrium, making it the kind of place you'd never want to leave.More


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Have you guys and uncrate been collaborating or what. I swear nearly every item that has been on uncrate this last week has been re-posted here. It's not like that's a bad thing though, if there is a great product, its good to get the word out as much as possible.