The latest trailer for Skyfall makes us extremely giddy for the next outing of our favorite gadget-laden super spy, if only for this sweet palmprint recognizing Walther PPK that only he can fire.

Batman may very well have some of the best crime-fighting toys a billionaire can buy, but he can't wear that utility belt or drive the batmobile around in the middle of the day. Bond, on the other hand, is kitted out with some of the coolest covert gear we've ever seen. What kid hasn't wished for a laser-firing watch at some point? And the brand new and considerably younger looking Q—played by Ben Whishaw—seems like he'll be far more in touch with what modern gear Bond should be carrying. The Dark Knight series might be over, but we're happy that Bond is still running around with all the gadgets and gizmos we've lusted for over the years. [YouTube via Pocket-lint]