Bonnie Raitt: Something To Talk About

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Hypothetical question time! Let's say the Traveling Wilburys—that ultimate late-80s super(duper)group of George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty—were all still rocking and rolling (RIP), about to go on a world tour, and they had to add one new musician to their crew. Who would it be?


It would be Bonnie Raitt. Right?? What a woman. She's got the pipes, the soul, the vibe, the skills. Bonnie for president! Bonnie for everything! Bon-nie! Bon-nie!

What's your favorite Bonnie Raitt song? I don't even care, I love "Something To Talk About." Let's listen to it.

Aaaand since you're here, might as well queue up this as well:

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it's actually sad that's the song she is known for. Just like a lot of people don't realize John mayer is an awesome blues musician. Pop sells though.