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Bono Loves Own Voice So Much He Blasts New U2 Album Loud Enough for Fan to Record, Leak It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Now, I know Bono is the kind of guy that loves the sound of his own voice a whole lot, but his predilection for his own crooning apparently led to four tracks from U2's upcoming album getting leaked online. Bono was playing them so loud from his villa in southern France that a fan passing by recognized his voice and recorded the songs. Naturally, the fan sped home and put them on YouTube, meaning by now you can find them at all of the usual online venues. The leaked songs include the album's title track, apparently called "No Line On The Horizon" (puke) and the first single, "Sexy Boots." Of course, the bootlegs probably sound like they were recorded inside Bono's ass, but let this be a lesson to Bono about forcing your music upon the world. Someone will steal it and give it away, even if it's not very good. [The Sun via Torrent Freak]