Book Of Eli Directors Want Akira Next

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Rumors are circulating that the Hughes Brothers' next project could be a live-action remake of Akira. But they don't just want one film — the Warner Brothers picture is planned as a two-parter.

New York Magazine says Warners is in negotiations with the Albert and Allen Hughes to direct a live-action remake of Otomo's cult classic manga Akira. The script is from Iron Man and Children of Men writers Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby. Which, last we heard, was being tweaked by the team last September, after Ruairi Robinson left the picture.


It sounds like WB has found two people ready to tackle this insane project — if only their Book of Eli hadn't been such a disappointment, we'd be more excited. That being said, we've got great faith in the screenplay based on the writers' previous work.

And yes, Leonardo DiCaprio is still slightly involved, but only because his company, Appian Way, is attached to the project. So keep your Leo for Kaneda campaigning to yourself — this part was made for Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


As far as the rumors that this Akira will be set in a Neo New York, instead of a Neo Tokyo, we have no clue. Right now let's just focus on the directors, and hope that if the Hughes brothers do get the project, they treat The Capsules with the respect they so deserve. And the news that WB wants the film to be a two-parter is definitely a step in the right direction.