"Behold! The core of Windows Vista!"—Ben Zvan

Michael Dell is back in charge. Kevin Rollins, the now ex-CEO announced that his resignation is effective immediately. Hey maybe they'll even bring back the Dell kid, wait isn't he in jail? And for you game addicts that aren't quite over the loss of E3, maybe this will cheer you up a bit. The Tokyo Game Show is officially on board for 2007 and will be bigger then ever. There will even be a fourth day this year. Now for the early Vista adopters, there seems to be a speech recognition vulnerability where your computer can be hacked and then tell itself to delete your files. This sounds like the beginning of the AI take over to me. Finally we've got the Super Bowl score a couple days early, well according to Madden 07 at least. Madden is predicting Colts over Bears, 38 to 27. Whatever, if isn't the Steelers I just don't care!