Bose Taking its TriPort Headphones Back to the Drawing Board

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So remember those Bose headphones that Giz reader Todd reviewed for us back in January? Well, turns out they weren't ready for prime time just yet. The gang at CNET says Bose is planning a special press conference next week where they'll address the TriPort's "stability issue" for owners who couldn't get a snug fit from the earphones. Doesn't sound like a recall, but it sounds like there's some backpedaling going on there. So if anyone is having similar problems with their set of Bose cans, stay tuned.


Bose (Sort of) Admits its New Headphones Are Flawed [Crave]

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Thanks for posting this.

I'd wanted to let everybody in on a little follow up to my review of the units...

I'd purchased them from B&H Photo planning on returning them using Bose's 30-day trial. After trying them out and deciding they sucked I called up Bose and explained that I wanted to exercise the 30-day return policy. Welllllllll, it turns out that this policy is only valid for units purchased from Bose directly, not from a third party. I begged and pleaded explaining to them that I'd accept an exchange for Bose store credit and that it would be pretty hard to justify a future Bose purchase if they did this to me... but no luck.

I can understand the reasoning of the policy but the way it's stated on the website is far from clear:

"*30-day, risk-free trial applies only to products returned within thirty (30) days of receipt of product. Return shipping not included in trial. "

They told me I'd need to use the return policy of the company I purchased them from, which for B&H is that you must return the product in its original, unaltered packaging. Of course, these POS's shipped in a blister-pack, so the packaged was quite altered.

So in the end I am left with a pair of crappy headphones, out $100, and quite disappointed with Bose's treatment of customers.