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Boston Dynamics’ Unsettling Robodog Can Now Escape Through (Unlocked) Doors

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The first time we saw Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini robo-dog in action, it used its gripping arm to help load a dishwasher. But after getting a fancy new yellow coat a few months ago, SpotMini has apparently since learned how to open doors, enabling the robot, and its comrades, to escape a life of servitude.


It’s nice to see that Boston Dynamics has continued its ground-breaking robotics research after Alphabet (Google) sold the lab to Japan’s Softbank last year, but why does every video it releases serve to make us more anxious about the future?

A giant robo-dog that helps out around the house sounds like a dream come true. But I can’t imagine much good coming from one that can open the front door with a clever manipulation of its gripping arm and legs. While you’re away at work, the worst a real dog will do is shred the toilet paper in the bathroom. Boston Dynamics’ contraption, on the other hand, will probably let all of its little robo-friends in so they can hang out and plot humanity’s demise.