Brad Pitt, Will Ferrell And Jonah Hill Join Supervillain Reversal Film Oobermind

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DreamWorks Animation is stuffing its new CG supervillain epic with lots of big names. Just recently Will Ferrell stepped up to fill in for Robert Downey Jr. And now Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill and Tina Fey have joined the team.

The animated film picks up after supervillain Oobermind (Ferrell) has finally bested the city's handsome superhero, played by Brad Pitt. With nothing left to do the villain sits around bored, until he comes up with the idea to create another enemy.


After some evil science maneuvering, Jonah Hill's character is created, except it turns out he's super evil, and now Oobermind is forced to go on the side of justice, to bring down his terrible creation. Tina Fey plays the town reporter, who we're assuming will stop at nothing for the story, like all female reporters in these sorts of stories. But it's Fey, so hopefully she'll improvise a little reality into her character.