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Vince here. As I awoke this morning for the daily Gizmodo grind, I looked in the fridge for something to eat for breakfast. Some Apple-Cinnamon Dannon Yogurt caught my eye so I snatched it up so I could consume it as fast as humanly possible. I noticed a cute message on top of the foil lid as I was opening the yogurt: "WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH 3.6 MILLION POUNDS OF PLASTIC?" That got me thinking and I decided what I would indeed do with all that plastic. I think I'd donate 1 million pounds to Fischer Price so that they could increase R&D in their Power Wheels sector. I don't know about you, but when it comes to a good time, nothing says "I rule and you don't" more than Power Wheels. So what about the other 2.6 million pounds of plastic? I wrote Dannon about my concern for this issue. I voiced that 2.6 million pounds of plastic could indeed build a huge dildo but that would not be a justified cause. Eventually I realized that I had been standing in my underwear for 15 minutes in the kitchen reciting this out loud and the yogurt was getting warm. I shook my head in disgust knowing that the 3.6 million pounds of plastic would in fact NOT be going to dildo manufacturing. What a shame. Let us know what you'd do with the 3.6 million pounds of plastic in the comments because Dannon thinks that helping kids out by using it for toys is a good idea. If only they knew.

Dannon Product Page [Dannon]


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