Brick Lamp Takes Apple Minimalism to a Whole 'Nother Level

Illustration for article titled Brick Lamp Takes Apple Minimalism to a Whole 'Nother Level

You think that your MacBook embodies the essence of simplicity because of it was painstakingly machined from a single slab of aluminum? Well, the Brick Lamp by HC Wang is pretty much just that slab of aluminum.


The Brick Lamp's controls couldn't be simpler. You want light? Place the lamp on one of its edges. You want dark? Place the lamp on its back.

Of course, while HC Wang may be on to something here, I'm pretty sure that I can take the design to the next level. How?

I'm going to remove the light. [HCWang via mocoloco via OhGizmo!]



Completely unnecessary shout-out to Apple in this article. Minimalism has been employed for product design for decades, even if it wasn't widely known to most Americans until recently.

It's been said many times how Jonathan Ives (notice that it took a Brit to bring minimalism to the attention of most Americans) has borrowed heavily from Dieter Rams, so giving Apple credit is just ignorance.