Bright Blind Gives Windows to the Windowless

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Windows are great, you can see things out of them, they shed light and they bring the cool breeze to you. Makoto Hirhara's Bright Blind tries to bring some of these comforts to barren, windowless walls. The Bright Blind hangs on your wall and is constructed from electroluminescent sheets. The light dispersed gives the impression sunlight is creeping in, much like a real blind covered window would do.

Only thing is; there is no real sunlight behind the Bright Blind. It's all a lie. One cleverly constructed illusion, even Eisenheim would be proud of its intricate illusionary detailing. If your residence is the local penitentiary, then we could understand the Bright Blind's utility, but if not, just up and get some air, man. Added bonus, you get some vitamin D out of the real deal, no amount of electroluminescent sheets will give you that. At present, the Bright Blind is a concept, so if you are interested in purchasing, you have a wait on your hands. [Technabob]

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@jkr: u beat me to it... but i think the view of a lake would be nice... oh btw u need 4 pictures to change with the sezens... u no otherwize ull have a frozen lake in the middle of summer or a sparkling lake with leefy trees and animals in the winter... then again, y not? u already have a fake window...