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British Election Results Projected On Big Ben Tomorrow

Illustration for article titled British Election Results Projected On Big Ben Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Brits will vote on a new prime minister, with the results being projected on the landmark tower known as Big Ben, in real time. It's not the first time projections have been beamed, but it'll be interactive at least.


It's the first time the election results will be beamed on St Stephen's Tower (to give it its full name, as Big Ben is actually the bell inside the tower), with the picture included here a mock-up of what the last general election's results would've looked like splashed on the front of the building. The BBC is behind the scheme, but before you ask—I doubt there'll be daleks patrolling the base. [BBC via O'Reilly Radar via Boing Boing]

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Oh, those crazy Brits mixing old world charm with bleeding edge technology to show us lazy gas guzzling fatso's in the States how they not only own our ass with history but also kick us in the nuts with democracy, too. An election process that takes place in just a few weeks with beamed election results? Crazy.

Well, I have a message for all you techno-minded tea drinking under-arm hair hanging dirty teeth don't speak English right Limey's: That's actually kind of cool. Unfortunately, it wouldn't look right on the Statue of Liberty, so could we borrow that clock thingy-ma-jiggy thing and shoot it over to the tri-state area for our next Presidential election?