Bud Light's 'Grooler' Is Actually a Real Product

Illustration for article titled Bud Lights Grooler Is Actually a Real Product

If you watched any football this weekend, you saw But Light's "Tailgate Approved" parody infomercials. But hey, maybe they weren't parodies; you can buy all that stuff, including the awesome-looking Grooler, online.


For $125 you get two coolers with a grill in the middle. Awesome, right? I mean, sure, you can toss a grill and two coolers in the back of your car for cheaper and with less lugging, but this is still a fun gimmick. Although if we're discussing practicality the real winner is the Foozie, which is a combo of a foam hand and a beer coozie. Only $10 for 2 of them! That's impulse purchase territory, folks. [Tailgate Approved]

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That could possibly be the most Flash-bloated, slowest-loading website ever.