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The Buffalo DriveStation Duo is the beefed up successor to the DriveStation that we noticed back in May. This time, Buffalo ups the storage capacity to 500GB, 800GB, 1TB and 1.5TB which, according to my calculations, is enough space to hold more than 1,123 two-CD, full-length public fornication films! The 7,200-rpm external hard drives hook up to your PC or Mac via a USB 2.0 or FireWire connection. Throw in some encryption and backup software and you've got yourself a nice, massive server that can sit underneath your desk.


Look for the drives this month, with the 500GB (HD-W500IU2/R1) at $249, the 800GB (HD-W800IU2/R1) at $449, the 1TB (HD-W1.0TIU2/R1) at $499 and the 1.5TB (HD-W1.5TIU2/R1) at $999.

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