Buffalo Mouse With D-Pad: H-Scrolling FTW

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Good ol' Buffalo, coming up with wacky designs for everyday items. Today we look at the BOMU-JK/M, a standard 800 dpi mouse that adds a D-Pad where you'd normally find a scroll wheel. Obviously, this is an addition that people who have to deal with h-scroll rape will appreciate the most, but it also just looks kinda neat. Not, mind you, on the same level as saving Darfur, but in the "meh, I guess it's a cool mouse" sense.

What I'd like to know is, how many people buy these tricked out aftermarket mice in the first place? I'm still clinging to my Mighty Mouse even though the scroll ball gets gunked up all the time (Hint: Use some rubbing alcohol.) because the idea of buying a "fancy" turns my brain into this.


Product Page [Buffalo via Everything USB]

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I've spent a lot on input devices. It doesn't strike me as much weirder than caring about the interface on anything else (electronic or otherwise). I mean, clunky interfaces are often a complaint about gadgets, and the standard keyboard and mouse are nothing if not clunky. They work well enough, of couse, but there's room for improvement. If I'm going to spend upwards of ten hours a day on a computer (largely for work, although also for entertainment, of course), I might as well spend a couple hundred bucks and make my keyboard and mouse behave the way I want them to, in the same way that I might spend extra for a pda/phone/umpc with a better interface if I used one a lot (or, for that matter, on a setting up a musical instrument just the way I want).