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Now this is where wireless routers are going. Besides its speedy wireless -N connectivity, Buffalo says this AirStation Wireless-N Infinity Dual Band Router is the first to receive the stamp of approval for Windows Vista. You can tell by those serious- looking antennas that this baby is a juggler, handling four wireless standards (802.11b/g/a/n) all at the same time, and even going dual-band for quicker throughput. That veritable alphabet soup (especially that letter "n") lets you grab your data at speeds of 300Mbps, and hey, that's fast enough for some serious HDTV throughput.

If you don't like using this WZR-AG300NH as a router, switch it over to bridge mode and then you can use it as an access point. In addition to its wireless feats of strength, it also has a quartet of gigabit Ethernet ports. Buffalo didn't announce pricing, but said the product is designed for the consumer market "and small to medium businesses."