Illustration for article titled Buffalos HD-HU3 Poised To Be The First USB 3.0 Hard Drive

Buffalo is set to cross the USB 3.0 finish line first with their HD-HU3 hard drive. They also plan on offering NEC's IFC-PCIE2U3 2-port PCI Expressx1 host controller with the drive so you can, you know, use it.

The drives will be available this month—although it appears to be a Japan-only release for the moment. The drives will run around $250 and $284 for 1TB and 1.5TB models respectively (a 2TB model is also in the works.), and the controller will run an additional $60. It's probably a bit early to jump on 3.0, but chances are we won't have to wait long before the technology goes mainstream. [Buffalo Japan via Engadget]


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