Building a Database of Perfect GIFs For Every Human Emotion

Do you want to rule the internet? Better up your GIF game, dude. Here's some help: GIFGIF is an interactive project by two students at the MIT Media Lab that catalogues moving images by emotion. You can hunt for—and find!—a looping clip for every nuanced feeling a human might ever experience.

This thing is way, way more effective than entering a few keywords into Google and crossing your fingers that something perfectly appropriate will magically appear, because actual people are providing the background data that sorts each GIF. Everyone who visits the site is asked to choose between two GIFs, based on which one better expresses a particular sentiment.


These votes contribute to the piéce de résistance—the search function. This thing is next level, with a myriad of parameters and dimensions that offer a complex—and seriously deep—dive into sentiments you never would have dreamed existed in GIF form.

It was a little buggy when I was playing around with it, but the potential is staggering. Can you imagine how many friends you'll wow in G-chat convos?? How cool your coworkers will think you are in Camp??? This is your time to shine. Try it out here. [Yahoo Tech]


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