Bullshit Ipsum Dummy Text Works Perfectly Fine In Most Business Documents

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You probably know Lorem Ipsum, the dummy text based on Cicero's De finibus bonorum et malorum used by designers all over the world to fill up layouts before using the final text. There are sex and bacon alternatives, but this bullshit ipsum is the best.


The best because, after reading plenty of business plans, press releases and Powerpoints, it can actually be the real thing:

Weblogs, leading-edge monetize, "leading-edge enterprise webservices utilize blogospheres data-driven capture, web-enabled efficient bleeding-edge peer-to-peer create architectures leverage A-list." Transparent reintermediate one-to-one channels, rich, scale transparent transform channels robust share podcasting streamline enable." Best-of-breed global, repurpose markets e-business plug-and-play bandwidth repurpose scale; grow world-class transparent weblogs compelling engage, implement maximize. Architectures clicks-and-mortar content, integrate design post infrastructures architect end-to-end grow.

Syndicate synergize, customized, content value-added ROI: enable morph embrace syndicate. Technologies transition mission-critical A-list remix communities tag; grow, wikis; communities utilize world-class, syndicate; A-list partnerships synergies eyeballs compelling tagclouds webservices leading-edge syndicate. Revolutionize. Vortals holistic solutions open-source morph, "rss-capable sexy: granular e-services technologies syndicate." Out-of-the-box vertical, "technologies unleash functionalities solutions productize rss-capable whiteboard innovative, schemas; life-hacks," holistic cutting-edge, "utilize, granular clicks-and-mortar."

Networks, redefine transparent intuitive; bandwidth streamline; citizen-media systems. Facilitate cutting-edge, grow synergies engage blogging matrix content interfaces innovative scale. End-to-end bandwidth expedite eyeballs podcasts remix applications e-business incentivize incentivize technologies magnetic, sexy blogging blogospheres standards-compliant seamless. Leverage vortals, "scale," synthesize engineer compelling folksonomies, innovate. Streamline expedite synergies, "dynamic scalable viral strategize e-enable wikis integrateAJAX-enabled architect." Enable impactful end-to-end standards-compliant scale expedite cross-platform platforms addelivery, synthesize communities scalable, frictionless compelling paradigms e-markets global. Wikis web-enabled transparent scale eyeballs scale engineer facilitate harness, B2B iterate, facilitate.


Come on. If I saw this text in a corporate site I would totally think it's the final text and not an funny placeholder. In fact, I'm sure it's going to happen often and we will never hear about it. [Bullshit IpsumThanks Roger!]

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